Quality, environment and health and safety policy

The products and services offered to our customers are framed in the strategy of achieving the best quality in an environment respectful atmosphere, having always in mind the prevention of risks, and the health and safety at work.

In addition, we work to achieve the continuous improvement of our services and actions towards the prevention of pollution and health and safety at work. Our business activities pursue the clear objective of obtaining our customer’s maximum satisfaction by complying their requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory ones within our activity.

Therefore, all EPER S.L. personnel is adhered to and complies the requirements demanded by the Integrated Management System and, in that way, work towards its continuous improvement.

Objectives and Goals

The management is committed to organize, develop and provide all the necessary resources, to monitor and control the required programs to establish the Integrated Management System. Moreover, it guarantees the maintenance, revision, update and communication of the policy to all employees, undertaking the continuous improvement of the System:

Meet requirements: Legal, regulation and any other applicable to our organization.
Provide EPER S.L. staff the training and development levels in process management, to ensure that the requirements of the integrated management system are met.
Commitment to meet our customers’ needs and expectations: offering the best service with a high-quality level and within a health and safety framework.
Commitment to preserve the environment: preventing pollution and minimizing our activity impact on the environment.
Commitment to prevent damages and health deterioration at work.