In our effort for diversification of clients, sectors and materials over a year and a half ago we have begun working with different and more complex materials. We have already told you about what we are doing with steel S690, but now its time to show you about some examples with HARDOX. This is a steel with wear and abrasion resistance that is widely used in mining and construction sector. So, if you have any wear challenges, this material might be the next solution.

In any excavator, tipper, agricultural equipment you will most probably read the label “Hardox in my body” so imagine the quantity of machinery this material is used in.

There are different types of Hardox that ranges from 400 to 600 as well as other ranges with special uses such as acid environments “Hardox HiAce”, elevated temperatures “HiTemp”, and others like “Extreme” and “Hituf”. But if you want to check out even further, take a look at the SSAB web page:

Working with different materials implies new welding procedures, welder certifications and last but not least, continuous training. This job and effort are inescapable if you desire is to evolve and not remain static. Here are some examples of our last fabrications with these types of materials.

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Hardox steel