Our philosophy

About us

A cohesive team that enjoys its work, involved in each of the phases of the process is our maximum guarantee of success.


This is where the guidelines that identify us are born: reliability, flexibility, quality and, above all, compliance with our commitments.

The satisfaction of our customers depends on maintaining high standards of quality of processes, product and human resources.

social responsibility

The results that EPER Metallic Solutions are achieved by our workers, for this reason we are delighted to collaborate sponsoring these same workers and neighbors from our work environment to promote sports.

EPER fomenta la presencia femenina en el sector del metal


We promote feminine presence in the metal industry, welders, assemblers, and inspectors…


Accredited with ISO14000, we work to reduce the waste generated, to recycle it and to reincorporate it into the production cycle.

We invest in means to be able to reuse solvents several times.

We generate wood waste pellets with which we feed heaters in the paint plant.

We incorporate filters of the highest quality, minimizing emissions.

Invertimos en medios para poder reutilizar varias veces los disolventes