Manufacturing and assembly

We have a great deal of experience in the manufacturing of transport structures for large components. We can manufacture welded/machined structures for any industry.

In both unitary pieces as well as large quantities series. Warehousing support and equipment for production lines are also part of our day-to-day business.

With about 150 workers, assembly personnel, welders… we are known for our flexibility and the capacity to adapt our productive capacity to attend all urgent needs of our customers.

Because of our background the Eolic and industrial sector have been our main focus throughout the years, but it doesn’t mean that we leave unattended any other industry.

Surfaces treatments

We are not all about welding in our company, we have also incorporated to our production processes, surface protections to the highest standards on the market. We include a paint shop for all type of sizes of pieces, as well as surface basting and metalizing. We can even achieve a C5H standard.

Our surface blasting cabin has a size of 25x7x7m and can handle structures that weigh up to 50tons and our ring carrousel can handle mid-size pieces in the range of 0kg to 1500kg of weight.

Our laboratory

To assure the highest quality in our deliveries and furthermore, to give more services to our customers we have incorporated in EPER the following services:

Banco de pruebas

Loading test bench

With a capacity of up to 400 tons, available to test elements manufactured here in our facilities and as well as a service provided for items manufactured by other companies.

Prepared to be expanded in capacity and any configuration, it has a recording system that serves as a documentary support in the performance of the tests.

Láser tracker

Laser tracker

With a range of up to 80m for 3D mapping of big dimension pieces, we can provide the service within our installations as well as in our client’s various locations.



None of our products can be called complete without passing by the hands of our quality inspectors. We can perform MP, LP, Visual, UT…. Which are all requirements from our top clients.

We collaborate with external laboratories for the analysis of probes and metallographs.

Engineering and turnkey projects

We have an engineering office that design according to the needs of our client, but above all to help you and advise you in the industrialization optimizing the designs.

Support for the industrialisation of serialised components.

We handle turnkey projects from the design to the acceptance from our clients.

EPER realiza proyectos de ingeniería y llave en mano


With an infrastructure of 2300m2 and machinery that helps us deliver a complete product.

Mechanization processes with a capacity of:

  • MILLING X-12000, Y-1600 y Z-4000
  • LATHE X-1200, Y-1600 y Z-4000
  • EDM X-650, Y-400, Z-650

and retrofit of structures


Spain and Portugal locations

Zona de almacenamiento vigilada

Large storage capacity with video vigilance

Indoor XXXXXm2

Indoor 13.000m2

Outdoor 25.500m2

Outdoor 25,500m2

Elementos de manipulación y equipos para reparación disponibles

Manipulation elements and repair equipment

Other services

Validation streaming

You can save on trips and unnecessary expenses, by using our streaming service con a professional equipment from various angles to virtually assist to the test bench and validation of any piece.


We can manage productive processes that we don’t have internally like, galvanized materials and other electrolitic surface treatments.