Productive means

Productive means

We invest in new and current productive means,

new production centers, and we upgrade our current ones. This way we can handle new projects, requirements and provide the best service.

Robotic welding

The stricter requirements from our clients have boost us to add new and better welding equipment’s like our IGM Rti499 Robot with 7 axis and capacity to manipulate 10ton pieces.

Robot Soldador de EPER
Volteadores EPER

Turning benches

Currently we have 6 manipulators of 2 axes and up to 10Tn of capacity with which we minimize risks in the manipulation and turning of the pieces and where the operator gains in hergonomy and quality of work.


EPER Metallic Solutions is made up of several production facilities, distributed between Spain and Portugal, and modern offices.

Welding plant (Spain)

Saw and welding plant (Spain)

Robotic welding and subassembly plant (Spain)

Surface treatment plant (Spain)

Warehouses (Spain & Portugal)

Maintenance and retrofitting plant (Spain & Portugal)


The different means of handling that we dispose of allow us to approach a wide range of fabrication challenges.


Cranes from 10Tn up to 50Tn


Our fleet of trucks


Forklifts from 3.000kg up to 24.000kg



Banco de pruebas EPER