We celebrate one year of colaboration with the companies Barranquesa and Nabrawind, and we have something to tell you.

This collaboration has allowed us to increade the number of projects in which wu are jointly involved and to improve our presence and positioning with our clients in the wind energy sector. All this has also been possible thanks to the support of the Government of Navarra through the PIN (Navarre International Plan) and its internationalisation programmes for clusters, as well as thanks to the help of Indversis.

So, form now on, when you see one of these three companies at a trade fair, just look to the side and you will see the other companies in the group.

Our next joint meeting will be at WindEurope in Bilbao, 20-22nd March 2024.

After so many years working together and collaborating, we wanted to give a name to this coalition that is giving us so much. the winning name was Nawind.

We have prepared this video presentation of the three organisations that make up Nawind, we hope you like it: