Load tests performed on welded and machined components can vary in function of the needs of the part, their pulling angles, dimensions, and can even be on traction or compression forces, statics or dynamics…

The forces with which they are subjected are generally above their WLL (Working Limit Load) as high as 125%-150% its WLL or even more depending on the specification of the client, safety factor considered in design phase…

The load tests are performed without any surface treatment of the parts (paint, galvanize, metalize…) in order that when the tests are completed, the parts can be inspected and NDT`s can be performed once again to assure that any faults haven’t appeared during the testing.

From EPER we try to give solutions to all the needs we can with our own load test bench or with the support of external cranes.

On the images you can have a look at each type of load test:

  • Traction load test in our test bench
  • Traction load test with external crane
  • Compression load test with counterweights

You can also have a look at our previous post where we have a video of said tests