Growing in a competitive market isn’t simple and requires investment in three main fields: constant training, new talent, and state of the art. Our activity follows two main and well-defined lines, diversification and the capacity to manufacture bigger dimensions pieces.

For the latter, we are making some adaptations in our facilities. In the first phase of adaptations we have expanded the doors of two of our welding halls, to a dimension of 15x7m and 8x7m. By doing this we will have a better access, better movement range for vehicles and the end goal of manufacturing bigger pieces.

These adaptations represent a step forward in our business strategy, allowing us to further diversify our production lines. Specifically, we are focusing in three main fields:

  • Transport tools and lifting tools for big components in all markets.
  • Manufacturing of components of markets as diverse as the aeronautical, mining, civil construction, energy….
  • Maintenance of tools with storage.
  • Design of tools and parts.

These initiatives reflect our ongoing commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction, laying the groundwork for solid and sustainable growth in a dynamic and challenging market.