We are continuously advancing in the specialization of more steel with high elastic limits S690, with thicknesses of up to 120mm and welds on full penetration.

To try and explain in a simpler manner what a penetration is, the image below can help you understand what all the types of joints on partial and complete penetration. You can also appreciate all the different types of border preparations that are done on the material to guarantee a complete penetration. In another post we will go deeper into border preparations and the ways of achieving them.

In what the material concerns us, what makes it complex to weled among other factors are the preheating of the material and the slow cooldown necessary that done incorrectly could fracture the material which would lead to imperfections and cracks, which is why the acceptance criteria for the NDT’s is so severe.

The type of material, thickness, type of welds, and NDT’s requirements make a piece more or less complex. As you may expect, the criteria for acceptance in these types of pieces are very high and according to the ISO5817 Level B and UT according to ISO17640 with a level of acceptance according to ISO11666 level 2.

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